Dr. Nanda K Gopaul has many properties across Guyana

Dear propaganda press
SOCU needs to investigate nanda Gopaul. He has several huge properties- 2 houses and a swmiming pool in Happy Acre, One in LBI, One in Agriculture Road where he bullied some poor people for that land and took in the reserve, One in Hope which he gave to a low life who has a daughter for him , another huge mansion in Mahaica Creek along with several others. U can try to get the facts and then post it.
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Facebook User
He uses the government contractor to build these houses.


What new Guyana govt doing about sis Donna McKinnon killer shameer mohammed?

Name: john smith

Subject: donna mccalmon

Comment: What is the new govt doing about Black sis Donna killer shameer mohammed …heis walking around freely , he was recently seen in New York visiting his wife#2

Time: May 20, 2016 at 11:31 pm

What new Guyana govt doing about sis Donna McKinnon killer shameer mohammed?

Enmore / Logwood neighborhood Police buying stolen items from thieves

Jan 11, 2016 @843an to @propagandapress

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There is a neighborhood Police woman by the name of Keisha who is stationed at the Enmore Police Station and lives in Logwood , Enmore as well, she is well known to be buying stole articles from thieves and in some instances she bullies the thieves as well and the thing is that the entire Enmore Police Station ranks knows about this.

type of crime Buying stole articles
location Enmore, E.CD

Winston Brassington on the run – Guyana govt seeking int’l assistance

winston brassington and johnathan brassington
Embattled NICIL boss Winston Brassington has fled Guyana forcing the government to seek international help to locate him.
Observers are surprised APNU AFC imposed no travel restrictions on many key PPP figures at the centre of many illegal transactions.
The government is expected to make an announcement on Brassington’s where abouts before January 1.
Brassington is the third known PPP agent under investigation known to have fled Guyana. He joins GPL Deputy CEO Aeshwar Deonarine and Central Housing & Planning Authority Finance Director Taslim Baksh.

Guyana Energy Agency protecting Pritipaul & other fuel smugglers

Guyana Energy Agency has two lawyers on staff but they do not prosecute anyone for transporting, retailing, wholesaling or storing fuel without a license.

On November 13, 2015, Captain Nehaul, a converted trawler was found with about 25,000 gallons of fuel being stored in its tanks.
Captain Nehaul does not have a storage Licence from the GEA.

The fuel was tested for duty free marker and none was found.
Captain Nehaul is owned by Prittipaul Singh.
No attempt was made by the Agency to prosecute Singh for being unlicensed or for being in possession of illegal fuel.

Acting CEO William Holder made the decision not to proceed after contacting Mahender Sharma.
Holder told his staff he believe the marker was in the fuel, but maybe it was not properly saturated. This is utter foolishness.

There are also many other instances where vessels owned by Singh, or moored at his wharf have been caught with illegal fuel.

William Holder and Mahender Sharma using the legal department have made a mockery of the marking program.

Guyana Water Inc network sabotaged by PPP agents

Kaieteur News:According to the company yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and the management of GWI, have launched an internal investigation following the discovery by its ICT personnel of a device which compromised GWI’s ICT network.The discovery was made on Friday December 4, when GWI’s ICT Department received an unusually high number of complaints from internal users of its network, at GWI’s Corporate Complex on Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Bel-Air Park, Georgetown.

These complaints ranged from reduced connectivity to the complete loss of the network connection.

“Following a scan conducted by the ICT Department a ‘hidden wireless device’ was discovered. Efforts are being made to locate

Guyana Energy Agency senior officials assisting fuel smugglers & undermining staff

propaganda press is concluding a year long investigation into the Guyana Energy Agency.
We spoke to dozens employees and former employees of the agency and poured over numerous documents, agency files and leaked memos.

Based on our findings, CEO Mahender Sharma and his deputy Bill Holder might be leading the most corrupt agency in Guyana
, and this is no small feat.

Our investigations have uncovered:

  • Large scale theft and sale of fuel marker.
  • Theft of three field test machines.
  • The Fuel Marking division is completely compromised with fuel marker and field testing machines in the hands of smugglers.
  • Fuel smugglers are actively using markers and the stolen field test machines.
  • CEO using agency vehicle, fuel and drivers for election campaigning (Sharma was a PPP candidate for elections 2015).
  • Venezuelan boats being allowed into the Demerara channel and permitted to off load illegal fuel.
  • Fishing companies actively engaged in fuel smuggling with full knowledge of the CEO and his deputy.
  • Senior management endangering the lives of junior staff.
  • Senior officials alerting smugglers and delaying raids.
  • Agency officials failing to notify police of smuggling and other illegal activities.
  • and much more

We will be releasing our findings over the next weeks. 

CEO Mahender Sharma will not survive the internal audit launched by the APNU AFC govt., and could find himself eligible for prosecution based on our investigations.