Guyana Water Inc network sabotaged by PPP agents

Kaieteur News:According to the company yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and the management of GWI, have launched an internal investigation following the discovery by its ICT personnel of a device which compromised GWI’s ICT network.The discovery was made on Friday December 4, when GWI’s ICT Department received an unusually high number of complaints from internal users of its network, at GWI’s Corporate Complex on Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Bel-Air Park, Georgetown.

These complaints ranged from reduced connectivity to the complete loss of the network connection.

“Following a scan conducted by the ICT Department a ‘hidden wireless device’ was discovered. Efforts are being made to locate


CANU chief & all Guyana narcotics ranks to undergo DEA administered lie detector tests

Vice-President and Minister of Public Security, Hon. Khemraj Ramjattan, and H.E. Mr Perry Halloway, Ambassador of the United States of America, today, December 9, 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the operation of a vetted counter-narcotic investigative unit programme at the Minister’s Office in Brickdam.

The Minister signed on behalf of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU)
and the Ambassador on behalf of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The mission of the Vetted Unit Program of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States is to train, equip and provide necessary assistance to partner countries so that specialized units in those countries can meet certain mutually-determined standards and can increase capacity in integrity, professionalism, and competence in fighting drug crime.

This program is intended to ensure better investigations and interdictions, and to prosecute and dismantle high-value targets in narco-trafficking networks.

Members of Guyana’s Law Enforcement sector who will participate in this Vetted Unit Program will have to pass certain background checks, plus tests as to medical and psychological fitness for duty, polygraph testing and random drug testing.

The DEA will be responsible for all expenses for training, whether this be local or international.

The MOU is to remain in force for a period of five (5) years.

The Minister of Public Security also took the opportunity to request assistance from USA concerning a high-powered portable container scanner to surveil the contents of containers at various wharves in Georgetown. Mr Bryan Hunt, U.S. Deputy Head of Mission informed that the request is actively being looked into and their experts in USA are presently engaged in identifying costs and maintenance arrangement for such a crime fighting asset.

What was also good news for the Public Security Minister was the procuring by the US Government of equipment for virtual police training by trainers out of USA through tele-conferencing. The equipment will be stationed at the Police Academy.

This has now come to fruition because of provision of higher speed internet services provided by G T & T to the Academy.

There will now be more extensive and intensive training of officers and ranks in Guyana without the expenses of having to bring to Guyana USA Trainers, or having to send to the USA the Guyanese Trainees.

In attendance at the signing ceremony was endangered Head of CANU Mr James Singh.

Minister Ramjattan thanked both the Ambassador and the Deputy Head of Mission for the USA’s support.


DECEMBER 9, 2015

GRA Board Recommend Anil Nandlall Wife Hessaun Yasin Demoted For Incompetence & mismanagement

GRA Board recommends demotion and transfer for former AG’s wife
…woman costs entity $845,000 in retainer fees per month
The Guyana Revenue Authority after an assessment of the performance of Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Legal Services Division (LSD), Hissaun Yasin-Nandlall, has recommended that she be transferred to another operational support area. The conclusion is that there is need for improvement in her performance.
A document seen by this publication regarding the justifications made for Nandlall’s transfer stated that she should continue in the position of Deputy Commissioner of the LSD, but at the lower level.
The governing body stated that Nandlall’s “achievement of work programme objectives, commitments and results expected, as well as issues relating to consistency, equality of treatment and standardization across GRA, has always been of some concern.”
Nandlall was said to lack sufficient experience in management, tax administration and litigation of tax matters. “As such, her direction and management of the operations of LSD have not been as effective as required.” Her low success rate in court cases as well as her attendance records in the courts were said to be well below expectations.
GRA, in establishing the LSD, had hired attorneys-at-law with the objective, that all tax cases and issues would be dealt with internally. As Head of the LSD, Nandlall is expected to take the lead in dealing with all GRA cases in the courts with the support of the other Legal Officers. However, many tax cases were contracted out to several attorneys-at-law in private practice at enormous costs.
Some of the tax cases which were contracted out involved Demerara Distillers Limited – contracted out to Robin Stoby of the Law firm Hughes, Fields and Stoby; and DIDCO, which was contracted out to senior counsel Ashton Chase.
Documents show that an agreement was made and entered into between GRA and Mahendra Satram of the Law firm Satram & Satram, Attorneys at Law, on September 1, 2015. Since April 2014, the services of Satram were used to perform all legal services as needed by GRA, on a monthly retainer.
In this year’s agreement, “GRA believes this revised services agreement will assist the public entity in cost containment of its potential legal costs customarily used by GRA in its day to day activities.” The retainer for a calendar month is $845,000.
The board also commented on the inadequate advice, assistance and support offered by Nandlall to office and field Legal Officers on complex and technical tax issues and cases.
They were reported to have not been reliable since when challenged by professional personnel, these opinions were promptly changed.
Due to unsound and unreliable information given by Nandlall, the board believes that this has aided in insufficient research, preparation, and well formulated and articulated strategies to win cases.
Nandlall was purported to have a laissez-faire attitude towards work which affected the professionalism of the LSD staff as they were left unsupervised on a regular basis.
The board recommended that Nandlall should be transferred to another operational support area of GRA so that she could acquire the relevant experience and be equipped to properly represent GRA in the courts.

Guyana Energy Agency senior officials assisting fuel smugglers & undermining staff

propaganda press is concluding a year long investigation into the Guyana Energy Agency.
We spoke to dozens employees and former employees of the agency and poured over numerous documents, agency files and leaked memos.

Based on our findings, CEO Mahender Sharma and his deputy Bill Holder might be leading the most corrupt agency in Guyana
, and this is no small feat.

Our investigations have uncovered:

  • Large scale theft and sale of fuel marker.
  • Theft of three field test machines.
  • The Fuel Marking division is completely compromised with fuel marker and field testing machines in the hands of smugglers.
  • Fuel smugglers are actively using markers and the stolen field test machines.
  • CEO using agency vehicle, fuel and drivers for election campaigning (Sharma was a PPP candidate for elections 2015).
  • Venezuelan boats being allowed into the Demerara channel and permitted to off load illegal fuel.
  • Fishing companies actively engaged in fuel smuggling with full knowledge of the CEO and his deputy.
  • Senior management endangering the lives of junior staff.
  • Senior officials alerting smugglers and delaying raids.
  • Agency officials failing to notify police of smuggling and other illegal activities.
  • and much more

We will be releasing our findings over the next weeks. 

CEO Mahender Sharma will not survive the internal audit launched by the APNU AFC govt., and could find himself eligible for prosecution based on our investigations.

Ejercito Venezolano helicopter & armed troops lands in Guyana

A Venezuelan military helicopter with at least two armed troops landed at Kaikan this morning. None of our Guyana Defence Force contacts could explain what their mission could have been.

Venezuela has a history of incursion into Guyana’s borders.

Guyana Chronicle Board Fires Mark Ramotar & Michael Gordon. Mrs. Ramotar New Boss

In a major move, Guyana Chronicle Board has dismissed editor Mark Ramotar and General Manager Michael Gordon.
Moshamie Ramotar the Financial Director is the new GM.
Moshamie is he wife of Mark Ramotar.
Ramotar was recently caught having sex with a junior reporter.

Guyana Energy Agency officer arrested after fuel smugglers’ complaint


mahender sharma is compromised

 A senior officer of the Guyana Energency Agency was today arrested and interrogated at criminal investigations head quarters based on the allegations of a fuel smuggler.
A well connected Leguan smuggler was caught with fuel marker stolen from the agency. The smuggler escaped from lawful custody in the vicinity of the Parika Police station.
After speaking to his lawyer, he filed a bogus claim against the GEA officer.
Guyana Energency Agency which has two lawyers on staff refused to defend the officer or inform him of his pending arrest.
The CEO of GEA Mahender Sharma, a PPP candidate in elections 2015, has a long history of collaboration with fuel smugglers and other illegal operators.
TransPacific which has an illegal gas station in Lethem was tipped off and given time by the CEO based on information received by propaganda press.

We are concluding an investigation on massive fraud and collusion by the CEO and other senior officers at GEA.
Today’s arrest was a demoralising blow tomthe junior staff who daily put their lives on the line battling smugglers and other illegal activities.