some EZjet passengers to get partial refunds some nothing

propaganda press been warning about ezjet long now.  it’s official now. some will get some and others nothing. nov 15 last year we learned these scamps did not have money to repay passengers. Public Works Minister Robeson Benn announced that EzJet passengers are not likely to receive their full refunds for tickets purchased. However, Minister […]

terry gajraj refunding ezjet guyana passengers

Chutney superstar Terry Gajraj aka Guyana Baboo has agreed to reimburse an undisclosed amount of EZjet Guyana passengers. When contacted yesterday by propaganda press Gajraj also admitted being a silent partner in the troubled airline. Gajraj did not say how many passengers he will refund, but said he felt some responsibility to ‘make things right.’ Gajraj […]

ezjet guyana has no money to repay passengers – sonny ramdeo ‘missing’

folks we been warning yall bout ezjet since february. propaganada press can now confirm that ezjet bank account does not have money to repay passengers. start making alternative arrangements and forget about that money for now. it might never come! meanwhile back at the ranch, no one has seen sonny ramdeo this entire week! Related […]

caribbean airlines robbing ezjet passengers with guyana govt approval

“This is so cruel and unfair and unreasonable to the average man… I booked my ticket since when at US$185 one way to New York and thought that Caribbean Airlines would carry me at the same price only to turn up and hear that I have to pay over $500 for the same one way,” […]

ez jet guyana offices stormed by angry passengers – liberty avenue closed

we got this from our friends at ez today dear propaganda press please disseminate To the advisement of our passengers: EZjet was forced to close it’s New York offices due to passengers threatening harm to our staff. While we understand this is a difficult situation, we will not tolerate this type of behavior as it […]

more ez jet guyana flights cancelled, passengers stranded – creditors @ door

from what we getting ez jet debts are piling up faster than they can come up with crazy deals many passengers are currently stranded in Guyana and new york Naomi Singh How do I get my money back? Wednesday at 8:17pm · Like EZjet Air Services Inc. Hi Naomi Singh you will need to contact […]