The Clico fallout – Duprey, Monteil and Geeta Singh-Knight far we have heard nothing but a deafening silence from the Bank of Guyana whose Governor has, probably dangerously, been appointed the company’s liquidator. I say dangerously because it is not unusual for legal actions to be brought against a liquidator and the person most likely to do so would be the regulator. That […]

Roger Luncheon

Guyana National Insurance Scheme suspend payment$ to overseas pensioners

update : our most trusted ppp insider is having a meeting on this matter with a member of the NIS board. stay tuned fan mail | 2013-02-26 @ 3:41:37 PM Dear Propaganda Press, I like to bring to your attention that National Insurance Scheme Guyana has currently ceased all payments to Overseas pensioners, it would be […]

“Guyana National Insurance Scheme bankrupt” – General Manager Terry Thomas

The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) is operating at a deficit. It is paying out more benefits than contributions received on a monthly basis. This is according to the General Manager of NIS, Mr. Terry Thomas. He was discussing the Eighth Actuarial Review during Public Consultation of the NIS at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus […]

get your $$ out of new building society guyana now!

we will only say this once new building society guyana on the verge of financial disaster if you got money in new building society guyana go in monday and tell them you want it in cash. plenty people who got sense and info done get theirs out.don’t end up like clico  guyana or ezjet customers . […]

freddie kissoon afraid guyana govt will kill him – pleads for help

In a conversation with Lincoln Lewis, Aubrey Norton, Dr. David Hinds and Sharma Solomon, I made the point that after Walter Rodney, I may be the second most molested victim of state oppression in post-independent Guyana. Of course, Mark Benschop went to prison for five years. The targeting of me by state actors is relentless. […]

geeta knight singh & ppp crime family charging boats to use berbice river

let’s restate the official officical propaganda press official position – all these people are criminals and must be stopped or they will stop you Kaieteur News: According to a number of boat operators, about three weeks ago the [berbice] bridge’s management imposed an order that laden vessels, which cross under the high span free of […]

GUYSUCO bankruptcy woes continue – 2011 production lower than 2010 lower than 2009

GUYSUCO bankruptcy woes continue as we swing into third gear of election season. the entity destroyed by PPP crime family will once again record a net loss. 2011 was supposed to see the corporation producing 300,000 of sugar. one day taking a break from snorting cocaine and smoking weed, minister of robert persaud actually listened […]