james girvan singh archives – Guyana’s cocaine double agent

propaganda press!

james girvin singh - overseeing cocaine operation in guyana

update 26 dec 2010 – to date NONE of the info on this site regarding this cocaine double agent extraordinaire has ever been proven incorrect. NONE! keep that implanted in your fore-brain. thanks to the good works of our agents in the field, operating behind enemy lines

below are links to the propaganda press complete archives on queen james girvan singh. cocaine double agent superficial. hello oshana rogers & co.

dear queen james: arrest mark deabrea, clay hudson, brahmer nandlall, paul daby & family, paul rodrigues, big head, the posers at blue iguana, the dougla bai fucking carolan lynch and the rest of your cocaine pals.
until then james we say go fuck yourself cause your time is running out.
nelly avila moreno
on behalf of all the boys & girls of propaganda press

  1. FBI & DEA agents @ New Line Aqua looking for cocaine shipper Salim Juman Azeez

    salim juman azeez

  2. James…

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