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CANU allowed Roger Khan to operate freely in Guyana – Barry Dataram

2 thoughts on “CANU allowed Roger Khan to operate freely in Guyana – Barry Dataram


    The age of sexual consent in Guyana should be raised to at least 21 to 26 prevent young women from harsh cruelty from child labor.

    I strongly believe that the legal age limit for sexual activities for girls should be increased from 16 to 18, preferably to 21 years, and that it should be strictly enforced on all Guyanese men who have a predatory fetish towards 18-21 year old women. The law should apply to Guyanese drug lords and organized cocaine barons who engage in such acts, and they should be forced on the Sex Offenders Registry because we as women do not tolerate men who prey on 18-21 year old women.

    Please sign our petition to President David Granger for him to raise the age of sexual consent for girls from 16 to 18. We aim to increase the age of consent to 24 and advocate for a drinking age of 21 in Guyana.

    We further aim to hold the drug lords in Guyana accountable by protesting on their front lawns and reporting them to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

    Help us support our cause to end teenage pregnancies and cocaine distribution in Guyana!

    -The Caribbean Voice

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