Guyana cocaine update : CANU mobster James Singh replies to Barry Dataram

propaganda press received the following statement from James Singh via email.
James Singh has already been asked to resign and the DEA has made it clear to the Guyana govt that James Singh as CANU CEO is a non starter.

CANU vehemently denies all allegations of impropriety levelled against the Unit by the Dataram family. The very Troy Dataram who now alleges impropriety on CANU’s Ranks’ behalf saw his concerns being investigated by a relevant body disconnected from CANU.

CANU is now informed that the said Troy Dataram signed to a handwritten transcript of a lengthy interview conducted by the independent investigator in relation to the alleged missing three (3) million dollars. Without delving into the details of the ongoing investigation Troy Dataram without any assistance from Barry Dataram after pages of relating a particular story as to his ownership of twelve (12) million dollars borrowed from a cousin in Canada to purchase land in Guyana exclaimed much details to the effect that he was sorry that he lied to the investigator about the quantity of cash retrieved in the operation and instead that is was in fact nine (9) million Guyana Dollars

FURTHER It must be noted that Barry Dataram’s trial for possession of a large quantity of cocaine concealed in Shrimp in 2015 in His Diamond abode has commenced in February 2016 in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and may be a source of much of the unease for Mr. Barry Dataram, hence his savagery against CANU.

CANU on a positive note welcomes the frank confessions of Mr. Barry Dataram as to his involvement in the Narcotics Trade and would implore him and others like himself connected to the narcotic trade both small and large; mules and traffickers alike; to attend the nearest court , police station and or the CANU Head Quarters Georgetown to provide useful intelligence ( by way of sworn statement) in past and ongoing investigations and operations.
CANU agrees with the general theme of this television station’s involvement in this matter to the effect:
– That all law enforcement bodies should operate justly and within the confines of the law!
– That in this welcomed wave of change Guyanese should continue to adopt this apparently new stance of intolerance to white collar crime plaguing Guyana.
– That Guyanese must take a stand and end its mute attitude to the conducts of criminal elements witnessed daily!

CANU welcomes further public confessions of criminal elements. CANU urges the citizenry to stand up, speak out, to have the tenacity to testify against the elements of the narcotic trade; and help the Unit make Guyana a safer place!


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