Guyana Special Organised Crime unit infiltrated with PPP spies

The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force forced PPP crime family to establish SOCU, however, Bharrat Jagdeo never intended to give SOCU any powers so it was under the supervision of PPP agent Paul Ghir. With the change of administration Ghir was removed as FIU Head but James now has to report tothe corrupt narco criminal commissioner of police Seelall Persaud.

All attempts by James to go after certain PPP criminals are being halted by Seelall Persaud. Additionally two of James top lieutenants are known criminals in Police Uniforms. They have been sent by Seelall Persaud to frustrate the efforts of SOCU.

propaganda press is confirming the names of these two individuals. one is a Reid/Reed

Anti-Money Laundering…Government establishes Special Organized Crime Unit after CFATF recommendations – Luncheon
The unit is dedicated to investigating suspected financial transactions suggestive of money laundering and financing of terrorism.
The unit will be under the Commissioner of Police and will have a close relationship to the Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU), said Head of Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly press conference at Office of the President.
“SOCU is intended to be Guyana’s response to its treaty obligations to investigate suspicious financial transactions that are suggestive of money laundering.


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