Guyana Energy Agency decides to fire Mahender Sharma

Guyana Energy Agency Board has decided to fire Mahender Sharma after recent disclosures in the press. Sharma has been protecting fuel smugglers and was on the PPP list during election 2015.
Sharma could face criminal charges.

Massive corruption unearthed…Govt. footing bill to bring in illegal fuel
As questions continue to increase over the mismanagement of the country’s fuel import business,more details have emerged.
Government’s oil supplies from Trinidad and Tobago are also far from transparent.
According to documents, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has been bringing in shipments of petroleum products, including diesel, weekly.
Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil) pays for the charter of two oil ships to bring oil from Trinidad. An estimated $4M is being paid daily for the two ships.

Massive corruption unearthed in fuel sector…$150M in taxes lost in Dem. fuel market weekly
According to Government officials and sources close to the regulatory agency, an estimated $150M is being lost weekly from taxes, since the GEA neglects to carry out mandatory checks and balances along the Demerara, Essequibo and Cuyuni Rivers.
Indications are that for the longest while, fishing trawlers from Venezuela have been coming under the guise of doing business with local companies here. While some of them are legitimate; bringing fish or buying fish and other grocery to take back to Venezuela, a number of the Spanish vessels are really here to sell fuel.


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