Guyana Energy Agency protecting Pritipaul & other fuel smugglers

Guyana Energy Agency has two lawyers on staff but they do not prosecute anyone for transporting, retailing, wholesaling or storing fuel without a license.

On November 13, 2015, Captain Nehaul, a converted trawler was found with about 25,000 gallons of fuel being stored in its tanks.
Captain Nehaul does not have a storage Licence from the GEA.

The fuel was tested for duty free marker and none was found.
Captain Nehaul is owned by Prittipaul Singh.
No attempt was made by the Agency to prosecute Singh for being unlicensed or for being in possession of illegal fuel.

Acting CEO William Holder made the decision not to proceed after contacting Mahender Sharma.
Holder told his staff he believe the marker was in the fuel, but maybe it was not properly saturated. This is utter foolishness.

There are also many other instances where vessels owned by Singh, or moored at his wharf have been caught with illegal fuel.

William Holder and Mahender Sharma using the legal department have made a mockery of the marking program.


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