Guyana Energy Agency officer arrested after fuel smugglers’ complaint


mahender sharma is compromised

 A senior officer of the Guyana Energency Agency was today arrested and interrogated at criminal investigations head quarters based on the allegations of a fuel smuggler.
A well connected Leguan smuggler was caught with fuel marker stolen from the agency. The smuggler escaped from lawful custody in the vicinity of the Parika Police station.
After speaking to his lawyer, he filed a bogus claim against the GEA officer.
Guyana Energency Agency which has two lawyers on staff refused to defend the officer or inform him of his pending arrest.
The CEO of GEA Mahender Sharma, a PPP candidate in elections 2015, has a long history of collaboration with fuel smugglers and other illegal operators.
TransPacific which has an illegal gas station in Lethem was tipped off and given time by the CEO based on information received by propaganda press.

We are concluding an investigation on massive fraud and collusion by the CEO and other senior officers at GEA.
Today’s arrest was a demoralising blow tomthe junior staff who daily put their lives on the line battling smugglers and other illegal activities.


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