Wicked swami vidyananda finally kick the bucket — i am sad

online crime reporting system
the crime go back since 1996, and have escalated in 2006 after the wicked swami was caught raping Kamla, and Pam at the ashram. When his girlfriend (meena) found out, she was in a rage — and immediately went home and had sex with her cousin (Kiddie Boy aka Kid). The crime spree lasted for several years, and the wicked swami then chased the devotees out of the ashram, after they ask him to see spiritual guidance in india. But because the corruption involved the Bharat Sevashram Sangha (aka Head Office), they told devotees, that wait until mr. vidyananda die, then they will come to the rescue — so after the wicked swami passed away, now the ashram is looking to invite the Mahesh family, the Kanhoye family, the Hardial family, the Singha Fimily and all the devotees of Swami Purnanada – who found the ashram, to come back and manage the ashrma, as they were doing But the corruption continue – even after the wicked swami died. now the Shiveshwar refuse to welcome the founder devotees back to the ashram, and he continue the segregation policy that the wicked vidyananda implement – so the America Sevashram Sangha is back in the toilet. As for Meena, Janet, and Anita (Meena daughter) — they are all flocking to the ashram to sit infront of the mandir to look like whores in white – so they can attract men who cheats on their wife. And so the saga continue

date of crime
type of crime
rape and molestation against devotees
america sevashram sangha in NY
additional information
America Sevashram Sangha, 153-14 90th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432 Phone # 718-523-7515
November 24, 2015 at 11:01 am


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