Mark Peters & Stanley Henry engaged in land fraud @ Amelia’s Ward

Online Crime report
NEW Hotel In Linden A former surveyor in linden and an overseas based Guyanese are teaming up to fraud the government and locals of their land at Amelia’s Ward. The Name is Stanley Henry – Overseas Based Guyanese and the former employee of Lands and Surveys – Mark Peters of Moraballi Street, who recently lost his job , due to fraud and selling lands at lands and surveys to many persons are planning to take land from a Pastor Lorimer at Amelias Ward, because Lorrimer has a prime spot which could be included in the construction of a hotel he wants to build. Stanley Henry Is know to defraud locals for Land- eg. selling a land without administrative rights. He intends on bribing his way to get his Hotel going and getting lands at all possible cost. He is a wicked, greedy man who I think should be exposed to the world.


November 22, 2015 at 9:51 pm


One thought on “Mark Peters & Stanley Henry engaged in land fraud @ Amelia’s Ward

  1. In Response to an Online Crime Report Article published on on
    November 22, 2015 at 9:51pm

    For and foremost, I would like to take this time to state that I, Stanley Henry have
    been a business owner and developer for almost five decades. It has always been
    my ultimate goal to give back to my hometown in Mackenzie, Guyana and
    establish a community that can provide employment opportunities and
    development ventures within that community. I find it appalling that an individual
    would publicize lies about my intentions to better the community in which I grew
    up in. My intentions to develop the community in Mackenzie are completely
    genuine and honorable. I have gone through the necessary channels to legally
    obtain a lease on the state land in question. Just to give a little recap on just how I
    obtained the proper documents to acquire this lease: First, I applied through Go
    Invest which is a program for native born Guyanese citizens to invest in land and
    property in Guyana. Secondly, a referral was made to Lands & Survey Office
    Regional 10, which allowed me to acquire a lease for 25 acres of state land for 50
    years in the back of Amelia s Ward. Lastly, the legal document giving my
    permission to lease the state land was signed by Guyana’s Commissioner of Lands
    and Survey.
    As far as my dealings with Mr. Mark Peters, this gentleman was referred by the
    Lands & Survey Head Office in Georgetown, Guyana to locate potential property
    for investors. With all due respect to Pastor Lorimer, I have no intentions of taking
    land that belongs to you. You went through the proper channels as I would expect
    to acquire your land and I did the same. It is my hope that you will continue to be
    To the individual that has decided to slander my good name, my message to you
    is: what are you doing for the community that you live in or grew up in, what have
    you contributed to your community and what have you done to better yourself. If
    you had concerns, the professional and respectful way of approaching this, would
    have been to reach out to me personally and I would have gladly provided you
    with answers to your questions. I’m a man of honor and I pride myself on being

    an honest businessman and do not under any circumstances engage in any shady,
    underhanded, fraudulent or illegal activity. Word to the wise: GET YOUR FACTS
    STRAIGHT, before you go out and make false accusations. SO TELL THAT TO THE
    Thank you for your time.
    Stanley Henry

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