Dwight Ferguson wanted in Canada for cocaine & gun runnings


Global News: They say officers seized 123 kilograms of cocaine, 22 firearms, $146,000 in Canadian currency and four vehicles over the course of the investigation, dubbed Project Monto.
OPP Chief Superintendent Rick Barnum says the people charged are those who orchestrated, rather than carried out, the smuggling.

Twelve of those charged – all from the Toronto area – have been arrested.

VIDEO: Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security praises cooperation with Canadian police agencies

They are David Blevins, 36, of Oakville; Jermaine Wilson, 38, of Mississauga; Sandra Lewis, 48, of Milton; Dainnia Cameron, 40, of Milton; Kenton Lnafhorne, 42, of Vaughan; Rionne Martelly, 38, of Milton; Donovan Brown, 44, of Oakville; Dexter Griffith, 43, of Toronto; Natasha Ruddock, 24, of Toronto; Rocco Petrucci, 49, of Toronto; Michael Robinson, 44, of Toronto; Fitz Prince, 63, of Toronto.

All face drug trafficking charges. Blevins and Brown are also charged with weapons trafficking offences.

Dwidth Ferguson, 32, of Guyana, is wanted on drug trafficking charges.


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