Hits & Jams Kerwin Bollers A Wanted Fugitive – Escapes DEA Sting Leaving Passport Behind

Daily Express: A Disc Jockey (DJ) connected to a popular Guyanese entertainment/promotion company is currently a fugitive of the North American justice system, after he escaped a sting operation by Drug Enforcement authorities several days ago.

The incident stemmed from the interception of around 20 kilograms of cocaine destined for a North American location by the authorities, who allowed it to enter from a Caribbean location with the hope of nabbing those behind the shipment.

The promoter, who is also linked to a local radio and Television operation is said to have traveled to the North American location to receive the shipment. Himself and another individual who was under the radar of drug enforcement officials for several years and had been cooperating with the authorities after being caught, was traveling in a vehicle with the shipment of cocaine when lawmen decided to make the arrest.

Reports indicate that the promoter was able to elude the lawmen, but apparently left his traveling and other documents behind.

He was recently arraigned in absentia while the other individual was placed on bond.

At least two other persons connected to the promotion company have had similar run-ins in the past, with one individual serving a ten year prison sentence in the U.S.

The sources also revealed that an effort is being made to smuggle the DJ back to Guyana illegally via a boat.


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