Why is Mahender Sharma still running the Guyana Energy Agency?

Dear Editor,
First let me start this letter with a congratulatory note to his Excellency Brigadier David A. Granger and his cabinet Members. Secondly as my question stated, why is Mahender Sharma still running the Guyana Energy Agency?
Mahender Sharma is a known candidate of the now opposition party and who is still running the Guyana Agency to date, this man openly spoke at rallies condemning the now Government of wrong doings and taking the country backwards, which was captured in the Guyana Chronicle dated May 10th 2015, yet this man still holds public office both at the Guyana Energy Agency and at the Guyana Power &Light. Mahender Sharma has no scruples, no respect for worker. He has over the years placed a lot of people out of jobs.
Mr. President, we cannot condone these people any longer. put this Agency in the hands of capable, honest law abiding citizens who are qualified and who will have all employees’ interest at heart and not just some. We have waited 23 years for a new Government, one which we can take our concerns to and it can be heard, one who is just and have the Guyanese people at heart a Government for all and not just for some. Party members of the now opposition have gained so much over the years because of favoritism and wrong doings.
Mr. President you need to get rid of such people from office and in so doing a thorough audit should be carried out at this Agency for it is my belief a lot of wrong doings have taken place over the years.
Looking forward to seeing change.#itistime!!!
Michael Mars.



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