President’s College overspent 24 million in 2015 under Mahender Sharma & Carlyn Canterbury’s leadership


Carlyn Canterbury

 President’s College is mired in financial scandal, lawlessness, corruption, greed and mis-management.
With a $224 million budget crafted by Mahender Sharma, PC overspent $24 million dollars for fiscal year 2014/15.
Sharma who touts himself as a financial and manegerial maverick, ran PC  finances with the Principal Carlyn Canterbury, admin manager Wayne Melville and others at the Ministry of Education.

In a totally illegal move, supported by the minister of education Priya Manickchand, Sharma brought in his personal auditors from Guyana Energy Agency to cook the books.

Both years under Sharma’s chairmanship, President’s College overspent their budgetary allocations. Elsewhere it’s already been documented that PC is loosing millions weekly due to corruption.


2 thoughts on “President’s College overspent 24 million in 2015 under Mahender Sharma & Carlyn Canterbury’s leadership

  1. Mr. Sharma and Ms. Canterbury is the best combination of leaders President’s College has unlike those who are there from since the beginning of the college and has not contributed NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I review the Ministry appendix T Agency 40 Ministry of Education Under programme 405 which states
    Government contribution 2014 @ $220.635M and 2015 @ $254.052M. It seems that PC budgeted extremely low in 2014 on its line items and therefore resulted in budgetary short falls. Also, I am sure that the previous board did not prepare the budget for 2014 ( this is prepared in 2013 for 2014) but prepared the 2015 budget as you can see the increase of $33.417M. Also, bear in mind too that what you budget for will be reduced by the higher authorities.
    Again No corruption this article should be removed

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