President’s College admin manager needs to be investigated by Guyana govt.

letter in the mail today from a President’s College teacher.

dear sir:
i am a teacher at president’s college. please do not publish my name
the admin manager at president’s college wayne melville is getting corrupt like the last admin manager fiona burgess
i have plenty information and evidence i can email to you as long as you dont use my name. the principal,admin manager and the last board chairman doing s lot of things without board quorum and money spending. teachers are struggling at pc to get booms and supplies and they always complaining they ain got money. but we see money spending all the time and crookish business taking place
i hope the new govt investigate pc soon and get rid of all this corruption.
the admin manager and the principal jus decided to raise the admin pay to 179000 a month plus another 40000 a month duty allowance. how could pay be raised without a board?
plenty plenty corruption at pc and wayne melville at the centre of it with the principal carlyn canterbury.
like i said i am a teacher at pc and these are all facts. just visit and see for yourself.


2 thoughts on “President’s College admin manager needs to be investigated by Guyana govt.

  1. The photo posted is in breach of copyright laws. Please ask your source to review Minutes of the Board before publishing lies on salaries of public officers. All president‘s college expenses and income are approved by the Ministry of Education and its Board.

  2. Dear sir/Madam,
    Comment on the teacher mail on corruption going on at the P.C. For a teacher at P.C. I thing her mail has a lot of fault.Is she a qualify Teacher, does she know the name of person,places and things how what it starts with. My year (3) in England can do a better Job than her in writing and sending a mail. Regards.

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