photo of Guyana Police killers accepting bribe in broad daylight

A blast from the past and present

propaganda press!

the Guyana Police Farce is a lawless outfit beyond description and redemption. it is headed by a sexual predator and psychopath that is henry greene. his visa to US, Canada & EU is revoked because of his profiteering from the cocaine trade. his boss clement rohee is a mad criminal serial rapist who prowls for young girls at Guyana night spots. they murder like it is going out of style. an assistant commissioner is a known collector for cocaine hustler roger khan. that’s steve merai who now heads berbice division. and on and on and on…

one of our 009 agents in the field sent in this photo of one of these criminals shaking down a citizen with a broad smile.

below is a close up from the same photo

guyana police officeer accepting a bribe

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