Entire Guyana SWAT unit caught at drug dealers house in berbice

  The entire Guyana Police SWAT unit sent to Berbice to quell crime were also engaging in criminal activities.
The entire unit was caught smoking, drinking and having a good time at a cocaine dealers house.
Commander of the Police ‘B’ Division Senior Supt Errol Watts sent the team back to Georgetown and replaced them with another group of SWAT criminals.

More details to come on this.


3 thoughts on “Entire Guyana SWAT unit caught at drug dealers house in berbice

  1. In several previous postings, I stated that it matters not how much training is offered to the police regarding professionalism, commitment, excellence, and any other quality to raise the level of their performance, they themselves have to resolve to adjust their thinking, their behavior, their attitude and integrity, and embrace a vast different mindset, before these training programs can be successful. Now here we have THE ENTIRE SWAT involved in suspicious activities. Not one stood out and separated him/ herself. Who among them can be trusted, not one. How lawlessness is Guyana’s law enforcement officers, and when will Guyana’s government solve it’s cocaine trafficking problem if it’s law enforcement officers can be bought by drug dealers? This entire SWAT unit has betrayed it’s trust. They deserve no mercy shown to them, get rid of the entire team and jail them all.

  2. YES, YES, YES.
    I am calling on the authority/ies to get the rid of these “FAKES”. Since they cannot be thrusted. – They are all on the take.
    Replace them immediately.

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