Greek Police Arrested Greek and Guyanese National Involved with Drug Cartel

Investigation regarding a cocaine cartel that was dismantled last Friday by Greek police which is still ongoing, while officers are looking through phone call transcripts to find the masterminds behind the criminal organization.

A famous Greek baseball player, who was part of an Athenian team with acquaintances in high society circles was arrested for participating in the circuit. The 38-year-old baseball player – along with his accomplices- had undertaken the mediation task in order to transfer large quantities of cocaine from Latin America to the Greek capital.

According to Greek Police the cartel had chosen the athlete and former model as the middle-man, who would push the drug to the right business and social circles, as a product of high quality.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency in Athens received information that 27 kg of cocaine were being transferred to Athens and informed Greek authorities. The prosecutor immediately gave the green light so that police could activate a bug that had been placed on the phone of several cartel members. The 38-year-old athlete appeared ready to receive the cargo, which would arrive to the port of Piraeus and would end up in a warehouse in Aspropyrgos.

Police also arrested a 48-year-old Guyana national at a central Athens hotel, who was described as the transfer supervisor and a major member of a Dutch cartel.

The police officers handling the case estimate that 38-year-old Greek man had acquaintances who helped him push the illegal substances in Athens. The investigation is currently focused on determining which of his contacts were friendly and which concerned drug dealing.

Greek authorities will continue the investigation in the coming days in cooperation with security agencies in the Netherlands and Guyana in order to uncover the people who were working abroad with the cartel, Guyana have never convicted any major Drug Dealer and lacks the well to do so, the current head of the Anti Narcotics Unite (CANU) was and still is associated with major drug dealers.


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