Louise Bouyea: Prime Player In PPP Laundering Guyana govt. revenue in USA

Subject Louise Bouyea: Prime Player In Money Leaving Guyana For The USA: Former Administration

margaret cummings

margaret cummings

[propaganda press!] write for us
Ms. Louise Bouyea has been one of the prime players of embezzling the states resources under the PPP. She is responsible for bringing money out of Guyana for various fictitious reasons and the new government should investigate her immediately. She is in close communication with the now embroiled, former public service minister and her associate margaret cummings.(cummings and Westford stole over $600 million between 2012 & 2014 from the treasury with help from Louise bouyea)

Bouyea and cummings’s husband work very closely at the ministry of finance, where the latter oversees the networking and IT resources of the ministry. A position that he is not qualified for. The two run a racket with what is supposedly, a secure network and internet connection between the ministry and other agencies. The ministry’s networking and internet contracts need to be revised as there is a very high internet bill. Cummings’s husband went from being an office assistant at the PSM to becoming the IT Admin of the MOF, an obvious case of nepotism at its best. The position, assured by Bouyea, offers a very high remuneration and of course duty free concessions.

jenny westford

jenny westford

Bouyea, and cummings’s other half must be investigated immediately since they are still loyal to the previous administration and such an important position must be held by someone more accountable. In addition to the connection between Bouyea, the Cummings’ and the disgraced minister, the public and new administration must look into the gold concessions that were given to these individuals for their coverup of the abuse and theft from Guyana’s treasury. Verification of the funds moved out of the treasury to overseas accounts belonging to these individuals overseas must be done and an intense investigation to their spending and assets local and abroad must be identified.

August 16, 2015 at 4:09

Caribbean Public Finance Board of Directors
Ms. Louise Bouyea
Head of the Fiscal and Monetary Division, Ministry of Finance, Guyana (Tel: 592 226-2838, lbouyea@finance.gov.gy This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; lbouyea@hotmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Ms. Bouyea has been awarded a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies by the University of Guyana and a Master of International Affairs Degree in Economic Policy Management by Columbia University. She is also a World Bank/Japan Scholar. Additionally she has also benefited from several technical training programmes including Financial Programming and Macroeconomic Management and Fiscal Policy Issues sponsored by the IMF Institute and CARTAC and Applied Techniques for Economic Analysis by MCA-USAID.

Ms. Bouyea’s involvement in Public Finance Management for over nineteen years facilitated meaningful contributions to Guyana’s financial reform process in various capacities including participating in IMF Policy Framework negotiations, counterpart to several IMF Fiscal Advisers and also the CIDA funded project which designed and implemented Programme Budgeting.

She was also integrally involved in the drafting and finalisation of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act 2003, the implementation and operationalisation of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System in 2004 and also Guyana’s PEFA assessment in 2007.

defending ashni singh and fraud at finance ministry

minister of finance ashni singh who was audited by his wife gitanjali singh. never mind she is not qualified for position

minister of finance ashni singh who was audited by his wife gitanjali singh. never mind she is not qualified for position

FINANCE Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh yesterday addressed what he described as a “raging furor” over implementation of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS).
He further contends that the issue is a “manufactured controversy” that seeks to pull a technical issue into the sphere of politicking.

The Finance Minister decried the creation of a “national scandal” over the non-operationalisation of the two modules.
“It is a blatant misrepresentation that is being peddled,” he said.
Additionally, the Deputy Finance Secretary, Louise Bouyea, who was part of the Minister’s technical team at yesterday’s news conference, expressed similar sentiments as the Minister.
She said: “The two modules that are still outstanding are not absolutely critical, simply because all the features imbedded in them are in the current operational system.
“This, however, does not make it redundant because one is a specialised system, which is what the two modules are, and the operational system only has aspects of the modules’ features that would not be anywhere else.” (should be noted ashni & bouyea ‘spent’ US$660000 on a software and defend not using it for ten years)

Louise bouyea was  appointed to the new guysuco Board

The board will sit for one year with its appointment date listed as July 1. The other named members are: General Secretary of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) Seepaul Narine; Adrian Anamayah; Louise Bouyea and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, George Jervis. The board will also comprise representatives of the PPP/C and the Attorney General Chambers as well as the Corporation’s Corporate Secretary.

from all indications louise bouyea travelled on a diplomatic passport when making her cash runs


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