Dean Hassan is a monster protected by Guyana police, army & legal fraternity

Submitted on 2015/08/13 at 10:28 am

Dean HASSAN aka Shiekh S Hassan aka Shahabudeen Hassan aka Shahabudeen Ahmad and owner of over 20 companies and businesses in Guyana -claims to have dual citizenship if guyana and Canada. Robbed the owners of North American Resources and forced the company into bancruptcy. Currently using commissioner sellall and commander Ramsey to do his dirty work . Terrorizing small miners in the Konawaruk mining area. Burning down their camps, shooting up their equipment, shooting persons, robbing miners. They are being protected by the mahdia police who is the most corrupt set of police. They arrest women and lock them up and rape them upstairs for days. They threaten any miner that complains against Dean hassan of TESOURO resources.

Dean Hassan has been doing this for years without any problems, he is good friends with Sam hinds and it said to be a gay. His brother Sean Hassan is also gay along with his chief accountant RAY BEHARRY. Ray Beharry is a member of the rifle association that is how Dean hassan gets all of his guns.

He currently is making 150 ounces of gold a day and has over 40 security guards, who is RC police. He also had a voting booth at his camp for this election. His attorneys Andrew pollard and Nigel Hughes get paid well to cover up his crimes against miners.

Last year he made $1.5 Billion GYD in gold and is not declaring it. He is known to be good friends with Rickford veira of GGMC and has ggmc in his pocket. Also Edward shields of GGDMA is on retainance fee for Dean hassan.

Dean Hassan is a monster and has already paid this new government for protection. Most of his workers are old police and soldiers, he has retired col. Jaswick Williams as his chief security officer. Jaswick Williams is organizing all the crimes in the back dam . Most of the workings were dishonorably discharged from the army and police force. Jaswick Willaims is using his Army connection to help Dean Hassan with his crimes.

He donated 10 minion GYD to 18 charities as a way of cheating his tax obligation.

He is known to pay off judges, magistrates, police , politicians. Let’s see if he can pay off GOD.


3 thoughts on “Dean Hassan is a monster protected by Guyana police, army & legal fraternity

  1. It would be crucial for the owners of this .org put in place checks and balances before printing articles that are inflammatory, untrue, unjust.
    People who are envious of others must first of all get their facts straight.
    This article shows bias and is probably attested to a disgruntled employee who was perhaps dismissed from one of the companies Mr. Hassan is a director of, but while attacking Mr.Hassan has also attached other upstanding members of civil society.
    It is prudent to check your facts and language before printing for the public to read.
    There are laws governing the Internet and use of the Internet, let us hope that the parties mentioned in the article above does not take this to court in the Canada, where propaganda is registered, as we are told Mr. Hassan et al are Citizens of Canada.
    Admin, do your job but do it within the scope of the Canadian and International law.
    Make this .org be meaningful, show that a Guyanese can be balanced, and fair.
    Thank you.

  2. I have yet to see my comment on the spurious and character assisinations
    Posted. Your site is basis and in international law you are in serious violation governing the Internet.

  3. The police officers of Guyana are abusing their privileged as police officers.
    I am a businesswoman an there have been a few men drinking and cussing on my premises. I wen out and asked them if they can please move…. And den it all started..
    They began verbally abusing me on the road saying that I have no right to ask them to move.
    That they are police officers and why I hav to ask dem to move.
    I had no idea who they were and even if I did I won cared..cuz I simply asked them to move.
    With the current crime rate of this country., one cannot be too careful and seeking measures to protect myself got me abused by the ones who are to be protecting ppl like me..
    Tell me is this right…. Is this the way of how the police of this country are to bhave….. R they not citizens like ourself or are they above the law…. It could have been ur mothers.. Sisters or wife… The police officers of this country have no etiquette or respect or no sense of duty… They believe dat they are above the law

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