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new building society guyana – how bharrat jagdeo & co steal your life savings

propaganda press!

cast of characters

bharrat jagdeo, narco-gangster
nanda gopaul, narco gangster front man ceo at the society
– Dr Zainul Safi – reputed husband of account holder and alleged mastermind of “scam”. Central Islamic Organisation big pig
Nizam Mohamed (Deputy CEO) – the internal auditor of NBS received unofficial information that Mohamed was involved. received G$10M of the funds from the fraud (Mohamed was previously involved in other major irregularities at NBS and is protected by Chairman, nanda Gopaul as well as Mc Doom and other members of the CIOG mafia including the DPP shalimar ali-hack
Kumar Ragobar (Supervisor of NBS) persons at the cambio indicated he received money
Imran Bacchus (Clerk at NBS) – persons at the cambio indicated he cashed cheques
Mohan Shahibideen – he prepared the forged passport
A. Legall – alias “Compton Chase” who used forged documents in this name for the…

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