propaganda press making ridiculous ed ahmad claims – ron fitzgerald

propaganda press!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 00:09
I AM shocked to read from many so-called Guyanese independent dailies that claim to be free from biased opinions about a great man named Edul Ahmad.I have known him personally since I started doing business with him in relation to taking a mortgage from the bank. I have been met with foreclosure of my property in 2009, not because of Edul Ahmad, but the banking institution that gave the mortgage to me. Edul Ahmad helped me in getting the loan; the bank was only interested in raising my repayment fee, which I was unable to pay because I lost my teaching job. Edul Ahmad did not cause my job loss- it was the US Government which decided to cut spending on education in the State of New York.
Adversities happen, but upon closer analysis these things occur because of…

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