Guyana Power & Light manager fired one year after fraud exposed by propaganda press

Phyalyanjee Nandkumar

Phyalyanjee Nandkumar

propaganda press expose leads to firings at guyana power & light berbice
I am  the matter of fraudulent activities that is currently occurring at the Guyana Power & Light loss reduction office in Berbice by Teddy Jailall and P Nandkumar and others.
these fraudulent activities include:
 Selling of meter seals red and blue
 Selling of GPL service lines
 Selling of GPL tools
 Selling of GPL tester
 Taking bribes to provide services
 Taking bribes to prevent prosecution by the courts.

Kaieteur News: Mere days after Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson, stated that a more detailed probe is to be undertaken into the operations of the troubled Guyana Power and Light entity, a senior operative in the Berbice operation has been sent home.
He was said to be at the centre of a number of fraudulent activities
Minister Patterson said that from what he envisaged a number of things are not right at the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) outlet. A more detailed investigation is to be undertaken.
This was on the same day that it was revealed that two senior officials of the GPL were fingered in the conversion of over $28M to their own use.


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