Guyana cocaine update : Steve Merai puts hit on US Attorney Kurt. R. Saccone

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Former Guyanese police officer Steve Merai , the suspected head of a once feared black clothes death squad is again embroiled in planning a hit. This time around he is seeking revenge on United States Attorney Immigration Attorney, Kurt. R. Saccone, once his partner in crime, according to an intelligence source in Georgetown. The source is part of an investigation by the new Guyana Government into allegation of a death squad in Guyana purportedly run by the past Bharat Jagdeo Government. US- born Kurt was recently fingered in the local press for carrying a Guyanese passport which was obtained through a forged Guyanese birth certificate. It was reported that former Home Affairs Minister facilitated the issuance through a bribery scheme. During his frequent visits to Guyana, Kurt helped Merai to smuggle Guyanese into the US for huge sums of cash,

according to reports. In return Merai assisted Kurt in soliciting would be immigrants to as clients for the Attorney. In the end many of his clients were duped after paying huge amounts of cash for legal services. The two former friends travelled as far as Panama to carry out activities which are still unclear to investigators. When US authorities crushed Merai’s smuggling scheme, deported him and revoked his US visa, Kurt promised to use his connections to help his partner. However, a meeting between Merai, Kurt and US officials in Georgetown achieved nothing. Soon Merai realized that Kurt was a bluff and relations began to sour. The outspoken police officer will be remembered for many controversial issues, none more telling than his involvement on the dreaded Target Special Squad, an elite anti-crime unit which was accused of carrying out extra-judicial killings during the Government of the People’s Progressive Party. Sources reveal that the new APNU-AFC government is trying to get at the root The unit was fingered as enforcers for US Consular Officer Thomas Carroll, who was jailed for carrying out an illegal visa-for-sale scheme. Merai’s fact sheet also contained allegations that he acted as an enforcer for an alleged drug dealer following the publication of a recorded conversation which implicated him. He was also accused of shaking down a number of drug dealers in Guyana


Subject Suspected Death Squad Head Targets US Attorney


One thought on “Guyana cocaine update : Steve Merai puts hit on US Attorney Kurt. R. Saccone

  1. It would seem as though there are no bullets in Guyana, or maybe it is the paucity of guns because of our gun control policy. Because retribution is not a sin. Someone should have given these guys a cheap birthday gift; a single bullet to the head. that’s all it took. Or is it our cowardice?

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