Guyana Pandit Vishnu Sharma caught raping ‘sick’ girl in corentyne

Pandit caught raping ‘sick’ girl
July 9, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News

A Pandit of No. 60 Village, Upper Corentyne, is now in hot water after he was caught, literally, with his pants down and having sex with a young woman who was seeking his assistance after she fell ill.

According to information the young lady fell ill on Sunday and her parents being concerned, summoned the Pandit of No. 60 Village to ‘Jaray’ her and help nurse her back to health.

Upon arrival, the girl was in the hallway of the house and the Pandit immediately told them that the girl needs a lot of prayers and that he will need some privacy. The family was told by the Pandit that the girl has to be taken into the bedroom and she has to be alone since he does not want anyone around.

The family members were waiting outside but were told that they have to leave and wait downstairs, since he doesn’t want anyone around. They were asked for rum, since he would need something to sprinkle on the young woman.

After an hour the family was called upstairs and noticed both the Pandit and the young woman out of breath. The Pandit informed the relatives that the girl is really sick and would need more prayers.

They were again ordered downstairs, but after 15 minutes the family decided to check on the situation since their suspicions were being aroused and they were not hearing any sounds.

Upon creeping upstairs and peeping into the room, relatives were horrified to see the Pandit having sex with their helpless daughter in the locked room.

The Pandit was forced to open the door and when confronted he explained that he was drunk and did not know what he was doing.

He was held in the bedroom and was not allowed to leave until the police arrived and took him into custody.

The Pandit arrived at the home around 09:45 and the ordeal lasted until 13:30 hrs. Kaieteur News understands that during the ordeal the girl was forced to drink Tequila. She was also forced to smoke cigarettes.

The family is calling on the police and relevant authorities to do something about the situation since the Pandit is well known and boasts about his contacts.

According to reports it’s not the first time that the man has been embroiled in such situations.

He has already been released on bail.


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