Guyana Times fires GM Daniel Singh – Ravi Dev scams unravelling

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Guyana Times rapist General Manager Daniel Singh has been fired for thieving. It is not clear how much money he stole but the amount is said to be in the millions. Old cocksucktant Ravi Dev has been caught in the scam. He is not fired as yet, but Guyana Times is awaiting his resignation and patience might run out. Through a company accountant, reliable sources say he stole close to $40 million. Enough money for retirement pension.

Ravi is such a disgraceful thief that he had his wife and daughter jumping on plane in and out of Guyana as passengers joining and leaving a minibus. This was from money earned by the company to pay staff.

Every month staff continues to be paid the first week in the new month. Ravi in his greed cut meals allowance for staff, and when they complain he said the company has too many hand to mouth people. The truth is Ravi at 70 had to seek employment to avoid selling his house to keep things afloat.

Ravi is an old fraudster. Since he came back to Guyana in 1989, he has been posing as Hindu/Indian leader to attract financial support from unsuspecting people. ravi devMany of whom were defrauded. During the elections campaign, he was a media consultant for the PPP and was paid over $15 million from a slush fund to paint Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjatan, Glenn Lall and David Granger as thieves, bullies, murders, criminals, fools, gays and geriatrics.

The source of the money he earned in consultancy should be investigated. And on top of that, he was given duty free concession. The purpose of the award remains a mystery. Many young and enterprising, especially black employees were falsely accused by Ravi and Daniel for various misdemeanors and were fired. For the black employees, was asked, he bold told an Indian manager that black people mind is black as their skin.

who told you about propaganda press friend
July 5, 2015 at 3:28 pm


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