Robert Persaud sells two illegally acquired Guyana radio frequencies for $US 3 million

iRADIO which currently has two controversial radio frequencies − 90.1 and 91.5 − in operation has been sold to a Trinidad owned company which has a branch here, according to sources who questioned the validity of such a purchase given that the licence to operate the frequencies was acquired less than three years ago.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that the purchasing company was not interested in the sister entity iNEWS. Steps at the moment are being taken to relocate iNEWS which is an online news entity from its current Campbellville site. iRADIO will remain at that location this newspaper was told.

we covered this in 2013

american citizen ruth m baljit illegally received free radio licenses from guyana govt
Kaieteur News: [Telcor] was incorporated by Attorney-at-Law, Jaya Manickchand, the sister of Government Minister, Priya Manickchand, in 2009.
The Articles of Incorporation, part of the public records, list as a Director for the Company, Kamini Persaud, the wife of then Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud.
Kamini Persaud, is also the niece of Jagdeo.
The other director was listed as Ruth Baljit, the sister of Minister Persaud with her listed address as 1106, Virginia Avenue, New York, US.


One thought on “Robert Persaud sells two illegally acquired Guyana radio frequencies for $US 3 million

  1. The Radio Licenses needs to be Confiscated by the State Immediately by this Present new Govt,then Prosecute all those Corrupted Illegal Messy Minsters that took State Properties /Assets and converted into there Personal Gains /Wealth ASAP.

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