clement rohee, irfaan ali & robert persaud stole millions of fuel from Guyana govt

MINISTER of State, Joseph Harmon confirmed yesterday that an investigation has been launched into the reported abuse of fuel from the state owned Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil). The Minister stated that the facility was being abused by former Government officials Irfaan Ali, Clement Rohee and Robert Persaud and others, along with their relatives, were still abusing it and as such a decision was made to ensure they are no longer able to access the facility.

The Minister explained that some of the vehicles that were accessing the credit facility for Government were not Government owned. He added that the state owned company has been, “religiously” submitting invoices for payments and the ministries have already been informed of what they should be looking for. Minister Harmon stated that those officials from the former Administration who accessed the facility, along with family members and friends, will have to reimburse the state for the fuel they have collected.

“We have asked GuyOil to provide us with all of these accounts and these statements, and those persons who were drawing fuel and isn’t paying for it, they’re going to have to pay for it. It is as simple as that!”

All of the new ministers have been advised and Minister Harmon said that there will be a “central clearing house for these when they come to the ministries and we will decide how we are going to approach it”.

According to the Minister, the reported abuse demonstrates a pattern set by the previous PPP/C Government.

“It falls into a pattern of serious abuse by the previous Administration and during the course of next week, I will release information about some of the former officials who have been abusing their positions in the state.”

It was also revealed by Minister Harmon that the GuyOil Board of Directors will be changed, following a review by this weekend, with the process to identify new members currently ongoing. “I can assure you that it wouldn’t take too long, particularly those boards which have that kind of influence and power over the lives of Guyanese people,” he stated.(GINA)


5 thoughts on “clement rohee, irfaan ali & robert persaud stole millions of fuel from Guyana govt

  1. The series of news around the world. Relating on how politicians of all size and from all the globe has found in corruption a past time legal activities. Had becomes the major parasites that will set the people against democratic As it has now becomes an incurable infection, passing from lack of moral, culture and character to a big social flews. Which today, the justice social, media are unable to determine the boundaries between public and private and thing that are reel and the unreel……….seeing, one taking advantage over the other.

    The rate and number of politicians concern in this lootocrazy is alarmist, as it has become, the past time activities of all the people representatives to be corrupts and in some country it is a competition.

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  3. These are the Identical Corrupted PPP ,that want to Used the G/Y People for there Personal Gains ,Wealth/ then Further want to stay in Power for ever more ,ask Bar rat.

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