What’s Happening in Hispaniola? Viewpoints From Grenada, Jamaica and the Bahamas

Petchary's Blog

Hispaniola? Where’s that? Some may ask. Oh, it’s that huge island, nearly 30,000 square miles in size and the second largest island in the Caribbean, divided into the Creole-speaking Haiti and Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic. It is the island that Jamaicans do not visit that often, perhaps because of the language and cultural barriers; perhaps because of lack of interest. Who knows. Anyway, Haiti is a mere 190 kilometers to the east of Jamaica; but I suspect many Jamaicans know more about New York or London or Miami than they do about either of these countries that lie on our doorstep. Interestingly, Haiti closed its Embassy in Jamaica over three years ago. Please note that Haiti became a full member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in 2002, and the Dominican Republic is an observer at CARICOM and a member, along with CARICOM’s fifteen member states, of CARIFORUM, an economic/trading bloc that…

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