father & son pirates operating @ #66 fishing complex. corentyne, guyana

# 66 fishing complex

# 66 fishing complex

online crime reporting system
There is a man by the name of Charles who operates at no 66 fishing complex and he lives at 69 village. This man recently acquired an old boat and began working at sea however he keeps brining seines home and he is not purchasing any of them.This is a strong indication that he is stealing them at sea. He also brings out more fish than anyone overnight . Can u emagine bringing out fish that cost about 2 million dollars

overnight and he operates his own vessel with his selected workmen majority whom are drug addicts. This man brings a serious threat as he is a pirate hidden within the complex and he is not exposed because he targets the boats that are primarly from georgetown so they cant be recognized. i urge you to investigate this man as it may save lives because he robs fishermen of their catch and break their outboard engines leaving them to wander at sea. Sometimes like other pirates he may kill any workman who may identify them or act in a suspicious manner in the boat as all pirates do. u can email me for more information on how to tackle this issue as piracy continues to be the major threat to the fishing industry. It is clearly seen that he owns one boat, he doesnt buy seines but he bring home two truckloads and his boat is full at the fishery still…. where does he get them from… he steals and probably he is the suspect of the fact that many fishermen are dead at sea because once they identify him… he will kill them….


date of crime june
type of crime robbery
location corentyne/out at sea
additional information suspect name: charles and his son vishal


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