dean hassan of muri brasil ventures attacking & robbing miners in guyana gold bush


Seelall Persaud, commissioner of police

GUNMEN ATTACK MINING CAMP, SHOOT MAN IN HEAD I would like to bring to your attention a crime that took place in the Interior of guyana. A mining camp in Konawaruk was indiscriminately shot up and the excavator operator shot in the head. The claim holder Mr. Dean Hassan AKA Shiek Hassan aka Shahabudeen S Hassan of Tesouro Resources formerly North American Resources, MURI BRASIL VENTURES, SOUTH AMERICAN MINERAL, MURADA MINING S. SA Inc, Dean Investments & Holdings LLc .Instructed his security Rural Contables which is employed at his camp in Taffy konawaruk, to come and shoot the engines and workers on the other Camp. They came with their Tesouro Mining Uniforms

The owners had with them an Injunction from the High court giving them permission to mine the land. Dean Hassan is known to have ties with Commissioner Seelall and Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo. Also Commander Ramsey of F Division.He has employed Nickolia Hinds Sam Hinds' Son and leslie lewis, Laurie Lewis's son He has also employed retired col Jaswick Williams as his Chief Security. He is said to be the one orchestrating these attacks He also has Ray Beharry employed as his

dean hassan giving seelall persaud money

dean hassan giving seelall persaud money

Financial Manager , who is the treasurer of the Guyana rifle Association. Explains why they had 5 guns and a bag full of rounds. That they were picking up as they shot. Ray Beharry is the front man for Tesouro Mining and makes the decisons in georgetown. Is this what being a member of the Guyana rifle Association gets you. One of The shooters has been identifeid as Quincy Critchlow. Dishonorably Discharged Army Rank . He also Gave False testimony in the Bruce Munroe Treason Case. Tesouro Mining has been terrorising Miners and shops in the area with gun play. Mahdia police has many reports persons are scared for their life. I would like propaganda press to know that Miners out there are not safe from these bullying claim Holders. I do not want persons to start losing their lives before something is done about it. Last year Dean Hassan And Tesouro Mining made 7500 ounces of gold amounting to GYD$1,500,000,000. Did he Declare all of this Gold? Did he smuggle it out of the country ? He is said to be also Canadian ? is this true? Then what does the Canadian High Commissioner Have to say It is said that he visits the salon to wax his entire Body including Ass crack! That would explain his connection to the PPP Government. UP TO THIS TIME 1 WEEK AFTER THE ATTACK NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED. WORKERS ARE TRAUMATIZED AND SCARED FOR THEIR LIVES. WHERE ARE THESE CRIMINAL ELEMENTS THAT BRAZENLY ATTACKED A WORK GROUND AT 1 PM BRIGHT DAYLIGHT AND JUST STARTED SHOOTING. IS THIS WHAT POWER HAS DONE TO GUYANA, TURNED HARD WORKING PEOPLE INTO VICTIMS. I CALL ON HIS EXCELLENCY MR. DAVID GRANGER TO SEE THAT JUSTICE IS SERVED IN THIS MATTER. LET THIS CASE SET THE PRECEDENT FOR ALL MINING CASES TO COME. LET THE SMALL MINERS SEE THAT THEY HAVE A CHANCE. we have pictures and videos of the attack

who told you about propaganda press A FRIEND


4 thoughts on “dean hassan of muri brasil ventures attacking & robbing miners in guyana gold bush

  1. oh rass, nice wok. looks like the cat is out the bag. is how you all does know so much lol. now you gon mek seelall balls shiver to do he wok. i wonder if them gon move he or if he allow to lime with buddy’s. i see he doctor friend in grove done jump ship and claiming APNU and is only a week ago he had up big PPP sign over he house.

  2. It is unfortunate that the facts regarding Dean Hassan is not clear. For those who knows him personally knows that his only agenda is first and foremost business. He is not interested in the politics of Guyana.
    He has business in several countries and it is naive to think that any company can conduct international business without and whichever Government is in power. Mr. Hassan abhors the racism in this country and the inequality. If you were to do a survey of the companies here, you would see the balance of the ethnicities in the companies.
    It is unfortunate that a few Guyanese would like to see successful people unhappy. This obviously tells investor that the puny mindset of the few want Guyana to remain a downtrodden, poor state.
    When a mining company has its own security it is exactly for that reason , Security.
    Many, many, inflammatory remarks have been made about Mr. Hassan, but what proof or evidence was there to prove……none.
    What he has done and contributed to this society, many individuals are aware, many whose lives have changed for the better.
    Those who are attacking him personally are doing so out of envy….I guess the few of you would never be so happy.
    Mr.Hassan continue your benevolent work here and elsewhere. I thank you.

  3. Just a note to Chris Ram, as a scientist I regard you as one of a species that serves humanity nor offer humanity anything of substance.
    You are breathing God’s air and occupying space on God’s good earth.
    Please find something to do that you can show the Good Lord what you did with your life.

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