Jennifer Webster first PPP govt official extradited from Guyana?

jennifer webster

jennifer webster – former minister of heatlh social security and human services

From the evidence we’ve seen Jennifer Webster might be the first PPP Crime Family member extradited to face trial.
She resigned abruptly leading up to the elections claiming she was sick.
see guyana cocaine & the fall of kem khamraj lall
Jennifer Webster is a Canadian citizen


One thought on “Jennifer Webster first PPP govt official extradited from Guyana?


    Never Forget Who You Are Fellow Guyanese!

    We may have our collective differences, or even some ethnic differences, but we are all Guyanese. Those of us who grew up under British Colonialism knows fully well what it is, not to be Independent and Self Reliant.

    The British called us British Subjects, taught us their culture, and expected us to honor their values, respect their Monarch, and stand to attention at the British National Anthem. Most of us at the time did so proudly, sometimes even more so than the British themselves.

    Today however, we are behaving as though we haven’t learned anything from those decades of British Colonial Subjugation, Humiliation, and Domination. Freedom and Independence comes with the reality that we are all in this experience together. And Independence can only be maintained if we collectively ensure that it stays that way.

    Politicians come and go, political parties come and go, but the people still have to live or survive on a daily basis with each other, buying and selling to each other, renting and boarding from each other.

    Politics are a way of life everywhere on this planet. But NEVER allow any politician to influence you to hate, indulge in war, or terrorism, because they say so.

    Use that gray matter in your heads that we call the BRAIN for yourself, learn to think for yourselves, and let reasoning prevail at all times.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

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