Guyana court free Black Salim Bacchus . Jirbahan Dianand murder case closed

salim bacchus aka black salim

salim bacchus aka black salim

Stabroek News: A Corentyne man, who was on trial in the High Court in Berbice for the murder of policeman Jirbahan Dianand is a free man as the prosecution closed its case for the lack of evidence after its star witness changed his story.
The star witness was then dramatically arrested by police on the ground that he committed perjury in the lower court
Salim Bacchus was set free hours after his trial started before Justice Franklyn Holder and a jury. State prosecutor attorney at law Natasha Backer closed her case following the changing story from key witness Aszim Shivgobin. Defence counsel Mark Waldron then made a no-case submission. The no- case submission was upheld by the Justice Holder; after which the forewoman returned with a formal verdict of not guilty.


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