Guyana New Soup-A-man Clinton Urling



Guyana new soup-A-man Clinton Urling Here you can see him showing how much more bigger the Soup bowl will get.



2 thoughts on “Guyana New Soup-A-man Clinton Urling

  1. Maybe, just maybe the names of these people should have been a warning. Selman (sell out), the soup maker becomes the soup drinker.

    On a different note; the failure of the PPP to attract new people has resulted in the “family and friends” list of candidates.

    How come Robert Persaud name still there? I thought Ramoutar’s daughter drop couple kick pun he and he ready fuh run.

    Why dem tek off 10% Nokta from dem list? is that their way of fighting corruption? Or maybe when the parents done thief enough, they bring in the pickney fuh tek a share too.

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