Clement Rohee physically abused & strangled his wife Radai

fan mail
April 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm
Hi Guys, I love PP and what you are doing to help liberate Guyana from this bunch of tapeworms. Please do not publish my name! This concerns Clement Rohee. His wife’s name was Radai. She belonged to the village of La Bagatelle (Sand-Top), in Leguan Island. She always used to complain that he used to beat her. Her father’s name was Kaisa, Mother Parbattie, brother Likka, Passo, and Kumar. One sister was called Chan and one called Daata. She was a very poor girl. Rima is a fatter uglier version of Radai.

who told you about propaganda press I found you on the internet by accident.

suicide by strangulation

 Rohee strangled his wife with his bare hands to death during a heated argument. Dr. Leslie Mootoo’s Post Mortem revealed that she was strangled by the throat. Insiders said they found her hanging but she was dead before the rope was placed on her neck. Rohee arranged the whole thing to look like a suicide by hanging. The neck was not broken as with normal hanging, she was suffocated to death. Check the Post Mortem report, it should be still available unless it is destroyed by Rohee. The people who knows about this murder are Laurie Lewis, Hoyte, Majeed of the OP then and Dr. Mootoo.


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