Ravi Dev not paying Guyana Times staff & stealing

more trouble in the camp at Guyana behind the Times

fan mail
March 30, 2015 at 9:47 pm
ravi devRaavi Dev, an old useless fucker who use to cuss Jagdeo is a low, heartless and bare face thief. Every fucking month this Indian dog paying Guyana Times staff late, and even tell Nigel when they complain that the place gat too much hand to mouth people. He should look at himself, he is not only a hand to mouth who beg Jagdeo for a job at Guyana Times, he is a lowly cock sucker. If you support the PPP, you are a supporter, but if you are opposition and you change all of a sudden and without a cause, you are a cock sucker. This is Raavi. Jagdeo know he old skunt was an enemy but now he hungry and want help. So what King Jagdeo did? He put a hook through Raavi old batacake and connect it through his nose, and is dragging he ole skunt through a muddy shit trench. This is what you do to shit eaters. The shameless fucker is thieving money through the accountant, who is his relative to pay for his daughter education and then cussing the staff through their supervisors when they complain about not being paid on time. We hope that this old nasty skunt hole Ravi Dev read this and from next month stop thieving and pay the staff of Guyana Times on time, who work their assess day in, day out. The situation under this fucker is getting unbearable.

who told you about propaganda press Friends


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