Robert Persaud talking defection to APNU AFC Coalition before Guyana elections

Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud has been informally communicating with the APNU AFC coalition about joining the team. He is not being taken seriously by leading members due to his close relationship with Bharrat Jagdeo.
The ministry of natural resources was created months before Jagdeo left office and placed in the hands of Persaud. He recently made a spectacular bid to control the rare earth minerals in New River Triangle, and has been at the centre of many shady deals in every sector that falls under his control.
Persaud remains unapologetic.

“We will be venturing in new areas and I make no apology for this, absolutely no apology for this in looking at new areas and looking at new activities. They can say what they want, as long as things are done in a legal and in a transparent way.”

Persaud who is the nephew-in-law of Bharrat Jagdeo and was once touted as the man to replace Jagdeo. He ascended the ranks from a nobody from St. Josephs High School to Minister of Agriculture. With his fake MBA he gained credibility amongst the uninformed and unlike most members of PPP Crime Family he can actually hold a conversation.
Robert Persaud downfall is his inability to navigate the murky waters of freeumb house as fast as mobsters like Irfaan Ali, Frank Anthony, Charles Ramson Jr. and Anil Nandlall.
He’s well liked at the American Embassy and once indicated to an American official that he is willing to testify against Bharrat Jagdeo for immunity.

His wife Kamini has a Guyana diplomatic passport and twice went to the USA to deliver Persaud’s two merican anchor babies.

Four years ago Persaud threatened to sue propaganda press for publishing photos of his anchor babies. Someone talked him out of further embarrassing himself and he let it drop.
Persaud was the campaign manager of Donald Ramotar’s first presidency. He has been conspicuously absent and silent as election 2015 kicks off. Unless he was hiding, we didn’t see him on stage when PPP Crime Family launched its campaign in Kitty.

Propaganda Press has been reliably informed that under no circumstances will Moses Nagamootoo accept Robert ‘billionaire’ Persaud into the APNU AFC .


2 thoughts on “Robert Persaud talking defection to APNU AFC Coalition before Guyana elections

  1. Moses need to Keep this shady Worm Robert Persaud,as Far as Possible,he is a Disgrace Corrupted Skull Digger,let his Tears & Deeds Haunt there Daily Corrupted Lives.

  2. It all seems a great ploy to get a “Sleeper” into the “Bed” of the sitting government. He/they probably saw the end approaching and he made these ‘gestures with the blessings of his party leaders, just in case they lost. They are probably patting themselves on the back right now saying “how wise we are!”. Don’t fall for it I say.

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