Courtney Crum-Ewing assassination team being identified in guyana


8 thoughts on “Courtney Crum-Ewing assassination team being identified in guyana

    • shameer mohammed owner of ocean spray hotel and mohammeds cambio on regent is the hitman that ppp uses …he has links with the Dpp and Irfan Alli also is close to bharat jagdeo.he is also linked to the bramha cartel .he can be seen with bramha anywhere he goes. ask mark benchop for the tape with donna mckinon shooting and you will see him on freedom house step. …after may 11 we will take further action on the shooting.he can also be seen sneaking into dr jabour house during the day and being with the doctor wife.(lee ann).poor stupid jabour.

  1. Let sit Back and see the outcome, of the Crime Families Investigations.
    Are these Crime Families really the People we want to Take charge of out Daily Lives,our Family Future,or for them Dictators / Lies / Cronies Corruptions,Get Rich Quickly Administrations,they want the Collie people Vote for there Own Personal Gains???.

  2. Courtney is a victim of the government criminal enterprise headed by the thief jagdeo. He funding he newspaper with money from the lotto fund with the help of some willing hands

  3. The PPP Govt ,Party is Presently Own , Controlled, Corrupted by Bar rat,supported by his Cronies Goats.
    Jagan Party had Completely Converted by Bar rat ,towards a Demon of Filthy Rich Cabinets Ministers,only in G/Y.

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