Bharrat Jagdeo back in Guyana to lead PPP Crime Family election campaign

ramotar harper jagdeo goes to babu john

“I’m still a member of the PPP/C, its leadership – so I did share my views on many topical issues in Guyana over the past three years and, from time to time, when the President asked me to, I would.
“I have been involved in very discreet ways on specific issues, like if there is a project that needs moving or advice, I made myself available,” he explained.
The former President also played a role in budget discussions when needed.
“I wondered myself many times in the past whether I could have stayed quiet,” he admitted.


3 thoughts on “Bharrat Jagdeo back in Guyana to lead PPP Crime Family election campaign

  1. Bar rat doe’s not serve any Morals Value to the People Anymore he is a Total Fake,Disgrace President including Donald Duck,They all Outlive There Usefulliness Long Ago,’Let the Cronies /Cabals Vote for them Only’ ,since they Fails to protect & Serves The people,then Kicked the Poor & Helpless for there Greedy Corrupted ,Constructions Kickbacks,Bully,Filthy Rich ,Gains.The Entire Cabinet’s are all Window’s Dressings.

  2. Hey may not have moral values accordinf to you but he was once president god knows who you are stop critizing the man and you try to do better and dont
    Make mistakes if you turn president @Mark Singh

  3. Suggestion, the PNC has been replaced by a new arcronym to remove the disgrace of its late leader and ” lord” of Guyana. Why the ppp/c can’t change their acronym as the late president Dr cheddie Jagan, founder and leader of the party no longer around to represent his so untarnished record and distniction…as one that was founded on the principles, besides him, only few men In the world can live up to.why does such a reveered man, a stalwart and beloved father and chapion of our people has to be associated, in symbol, through his misrepresented legacy with disgracefull charaters such as thugs, thieves, racists and homosexuals, etc. that have him turning in his grave. Nothing of an inviolable man must be associated with these decadent ” whatever”!!!

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