East Indian boy beaten & tortured by Guyana Police

east indian boy beaten & tortured by guyana police forcefield report from Aamir Khan 
Sometimes I try to stay away from problems just not to spoil my reputation..i know ill be a target after this post.but Fuck the police in Guyana.. around 2am this morning I took this pic of this youth that was beaten by a police with an AK47..they say he was thieving car mirror .wtf wha he doing in a police pick up half dead.? His head dent in…blood start flowing out his mouth…. one my friend told police he knew d kid n took him out the pick up..after 10 mins his skin started to get stiff stiff n not even moving .he was rush to the gphc..I’m sure those 2 officers had in mind to go dump him somewhere cuz they cudnt carry him in station with that result..


8 thoughts on “East Indian boy beaten & tortured by Guyana Police

  1. That Is Law Enforcement to its Best.How come the Cronies that Take the People Treasury money cannot be taken down,only in G/Y.

  2. Pp thanks for shedding light on this new development because it’s also was Indian person normally we only see news of police brutality if the person is black not only news but also followed by mass protest….

  3. The police in guyana are cowards and weak men with some kind of inferiority complex ,lacking manhood this is how they compensate , to make themselves feel powerful . They are disgracefull these police officers that did this .

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