lisaveta ramotar daughter of the president new boss at Guyana Gold Board

Lisaveta Ramotar and donald ramotar
January 3, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News
The Guyana Gold Board (GGB) has a new General Manager (GM) -Lisaveta “Lisa” Ramotar, daughter of President Donald Ramotar.
Ramotar was hired on a one-year contract after 15 applications were received. The post became vacant late last year after former GM, Anantram Balram, resigned amidst investigations of fraud at the Bartica, Region Seven branch of the GGB.
A Government official with close relations to the Board confirmed that Ramotar, one of the Head of State’s three children, started work yesterday.
She was reportedly interviewed by GGB’s Chairman, Dr. Gobind Ganga and Board Member, Jeffrey Thomas.
Kaieteur News understands that the choice for the position came down to Ramotar and former Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Dr. Yog Mahadeo.
GGB as the Government buyer for gold has taken on extreme importance in recent years as gold prices went up, placing the metal as the country’s highest foreign currency earner.
The new GM holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Investment from the University of York in the United Kingdom and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Toronto in Canada. She also has 12 years working experience, including at the World Bank.
Last year, Ramotar said she wanted a fair chance like every Guyanese.
“There was never a question of if I’ll return home, because I never had the idea of living abroad. Guyana is home. I left to go out there and develop myself so I can come back and build a life here… in my country… around the culture that was embedded in me.”
Back then, Ramotar was worried that should she be able to obtain a job suitable for her ability, some people might point fingers at her, as they did her brother, Alexei Ramotar, who is currently the Manager of the E-Governance Project. That project is in deep trouble now.
“That’s why I am worried, because Alexei is very qualified. He got his Masters at one of the best universities and now just because our father is the President, people are not thinking about the fact that he has a skill that can aid in the development of Guyana…rather, some are deliberately spreading lies about a super salary to discredit him and my dad. But the bottom line is that he is qualified to do what he does.”
Ramotar had said that it is a fact that she and her brothers began studying to pursue jobs within their respective fields long before her father became President.
She was of the firm belief that being the children of the President and First Lady, should not stop them from being given equal opportunities to go after their dreams.
“We are Guyanese, and this is our home, and we have equal rights to build our lives here, and that is what we want…for people to judge us on our capabilities, and not our affiliation to the President.”
The former World Bank employee added that even though her father is the Head of State, she still drives her old car and does the same things she used to do before. These include jogging, baking goodies and also eating them.


4 thoughts on “lisaveta ramotar daughter of the president new boss at Guyana Gold Board

  1. Only those can Qualified for top Positions/ in G/Y.This is What the PPP Govt is doing to the Nations,’Eleven’ others Individuals compete for the Job but cannot be considered,because they don’t have that Guru Connections.
    The PPP Govt is not what it used to be in the Jagan Administrations,it turns around in the Bar rat Govt to be a monster Govt, it is a complete Disaster / Corrupted Cronies,Cabals, Bullies/ Abuse of Power/Abuse of Public Funds/ Excessive Loans Across the World to Burden the Future of G/Y People.This PPP Govt outlive its usefuliness long time ago, ‘Certainly time for a new Govt’ .

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