Mahendra Sukull – University of Guyana student by day, bandit by night

The other bandit who was fatally shot during an armed confrontation with the police at Montrose, ECD, yesterday has been identified as Mahendra Sukull called ‘Vickey’, 24 years, of Ramtahal Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, police said this afternoon. Sukull and fugitive cop, Warren Blue died in the attack.
Sukull was studying studied Computer Science at University of Guyana graduating in 2008 with a Bachelors degree


4 thoughts on “Mahendra Sukull – University of Guyana student by day, bandit by night

  1. How could a UG Student,Don’t know when you Thief from the Masses it is so very Risky.He should waited until he Graduated then Join the PPP Govt,/ then he can Work his Way to the Top Thieves Guru,then the Police will not even been Going after Him,that is how the PPP Govt run the country,only in G/Y
    Waste of Another Life.

  2. Vicky was not a University Graduate, he started UG in 2008 but never completed the degree nor diploma . . he drop out after the first year, but continued to visit and hang out on campus . .

    If u check the mathematics of your article you would be proven wrong.
    *He’s 24, and the year is 2014.
    *You State he Graduate in 2008, that means he graduate at the age of [2014-2008=6] [so 24-6=18] AGE:18
    *A degree is a 4 year course, so [18-4=14], so basically u stating he started UG a the age of 14 . . . which is impossible because only accept students at the age of 16 and above . . .

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