Savitri “savia” Laikram – whores will be whores in Guyana

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November 26, 2014 at 6:31 pm
Amongst the midst of confusion we are facing here in Guyana, whores will be whores. It disgusts me to see that as we all suffer to make a living and cope with all the hypocrisy emanating from this corrupt government, the harlots involved with these people are living life happily with taxpayers money.

another backball for lowlife jagdeo. look who's watching

another backball for lowlife jagdeo. look who’s watching

I am referring to a well known character to us, yes the one and only Savitri “savia” Laikram. I was amazed to see that a derogatory person like this can make it to these heights in a struggling economy. But of course, when you have slept with every member of the PPP/C, it becomes less possible to live like us ordinary folks.

I sit here and wonder, how does a a reporter earning a simple government salary of $45000 a month can afford 3 vehicles, 2 houses in sunny souvenir park and a lavish luxury life? Then the answer came to me a few days ago, having these things means one has to maintain them and funny enough, this pejorative slut will stop at nothing.

Ms Laikram is a disgrace to women everywhere as she sleeps her way through everything to get everything and I do mean everything as I was recently informed that this whore has upgraded from ordinary ministers and government officials to the bigger fish!

Yes she was seen doing the walk of shame out of the Jagdeo mansion at the crack of dawn daily for the past 3 months. From one to the other, this whore has jumped more cocks than a monkey has jumped limbs! I brought this to the attention of a few friends who are familiar with her exploits and I was shocked that they knew more about this “Dangles” than I thought I did.

It turns out this regular party girl has done more walk of shames than she has done work in her life… then again everyone has their own definition of “work” One would think after being shamed publicly right here on Propaganda Press that person would try to redeem themself to show a better face in society.

I would like to point out that there are starving families in Guyana and the money obtained from these officials for sexual favors by this no good bitch can be given to the people who need it and not a undercover hooker working as a reporter to buy fancy things. A bit of warning to Ms Laikram, as it is you have pissed off many many people and we are watching you you desperate little whore! Be rest assured that your dirty laundry is aired for all to see so take that fake smile and pretentious attitude and go die in a ditch because either way that is where you will end up!

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5 thoughts on “Savitri “savia” Laikram – whores will be whores in Guyana

  1. Ooohhhh… Somebody got the serious case of the hornssss!!!!! Relax, woman… Your man will never leave you for that cheap pata… And will only leave that pata for another one of a smart, fake prim and proper little essequibo coolie girl who LaLaLoves money! Don’t they all???

  2. Wait until Jagdeo and Salim find out that whores like Savitri and Uma will happily snitch to white man 3 letter agencies (DEA, FBI, CIA, IRS) once the opportunity comes around.

    Never trust a whore. She is only hypergamous and she will chase one man after the next.

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