Guyana govt multi billion fibre optic project is dead – ceo alexi ramotar silent

minister of finance ashni singh defends alexi ramotar incompetence
january 13, 2014
Ashni Singh: It is not by coincidence that Harmon and his party chose to publicly question the merit of Mr. Ramotar. This was strategically done because Alexei Ramotar is the son of President Donald Ramotar. Alexei Ramotar was hired in 2010, prior to his father’s run for Presidential Office and was deemed the most qualified for the job at that time. Today he remains one of the PPP’s most qualified in his field, with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, over a decade of work experience where he led numerous projects in his field, and several academic awards and publications.

Brazil/Guyana fibre optic cable project collapses
December 10, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News
More than four years after an agreement was signed between Guyana and Brazil for a fibre optic cable to link Government facilities, the project appears to have collapsed because of technical issues. It would appear certain now that billions of dollars have gone down the drain, unless Government finds a way to rescue the venture.
According to a Government source close to the project, continuous breakage to the cable has left the project in limbo. Time and again the deadlines have been pushed back. The cable passes through difficult terrain along the Linden/Lethem trail. Logistics have reportedly caused major headaches for contractors.
It was indicated that initially little thought went into the project as Government itself reported that cables not of the correct lengths were ordered. Independent supervisors hired to monitor the project were reportedly fired.
Physical works for the laying of 560 kilometres of cable began in April 2011. Poor weather conditions and the absence of appropriate equipment were cited for the slothfulness of contractors. Several of them were fired. Government had even reportedly resorted to foreign help in moving the cable project forward.
On the Brazil side, Globonet, a sidsidiary of Oi, the largest telephone company of that neighbouring country, had landed the fibre optic cable.
Under the agreement, Guyana was reportedly paying US$150,000 annually for internet connectivity. It is unclear what is happening to these fees now that the project remains incomplete.
The more-than-US$32M project is headed by Alexei Ramotar, son of the country’s President. There has not been any update coming from the project director in recent times.
The E-Government project was touted to feature a data centre, a transmission network and data network. The data centre, or control centre, is to be housed in the compound of Castellani House, in the same building that is used for the Central Intelligence Agency.
Under the US$32M project to link Government offices and facilities, the transmission network stretches from Moleson Creek on the Corentyne Coast to Charity on the Essequibo Coast, reportedly using fibre optic cable of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. The Brazil cable is part of the network too. Some 54 towers have already been built.
By way of the access network, all major Government facilities in the coverage areas are intended to be connected via fibre optic and/or 4G wireless Cellular services.
Government had announced that the connection would have allowed for, in addition to connectivity, a range of services such as “E-Health” allowing for video consultation, movement of information from one health centre to another and tracking disease outbreaks.
Regarding security, the project would allow quick transmission of information including video and data between police stations.
In education, the project would set up an “E-library” which would allow for access to textbooks and other teaching aids that can be used by students and schools, thereby lowering cost.


5 thoughts on “Guyana govt multi billion fibre optic project is dead – ceo alexi ramotar silent

  1. It is so nice for the PPP Govt,to used the People Money to claim Developments,instead Helping there Cronies , Pocket Tremendiously, / no one must Question Anything Full of Corruptions / Mismanagements / Misrepresentations by the Govt of Distrust only in G/Y.

  2. I followed the Alexi Ramotar rise to power as the big boss of the Brazil to Guyana fibre optic cable running project. A lot of money was disbursed on this failed project. Approximately $ 40 million US dollars went down the drain and in a few persons pockets. The main culprit is Alexi…..who earned in excess of $ 4 million US dollars doing crap. I remembered Alexi sister, the big nose one, writing in the paper, how her brother is well qualified for the job. So where is this big nose sister now? Please say something now, tell us how competent your idiot, dunce, gold digger rip off artist, daddy little Richie rich boy brother of yours is doing with the fortune he claimed as his salary. We are talking about $ 4 million US dollars. So what do we do with Alexi the Richie Rich fake. We put him in JAIL. Mazuruni jail for at least 50 years. How about our famous judge Navindra Singh presiding over Alexi case.
    This is not a joke my friends, this is what is required for people like Alexi Ramotar. Please don’t hide. Face the public and return all the so called income for a job you never did. its called white collar crime. In the US, Alexi will get mandatory life in prison.
    No sympathy for you kind of people, none.
    justice must prevail. Incompetence is a mild word. imagine taking on a massive project without the proper consultations and technical expertise. Its like a mechanic doing surgery on a human.
    Alexi and his big nose sister shall face the wrath of the court in a matter of time. Your faith is sealed.
    By the way, alexi are you still screwing the putagee woman who has a daughter (rambarran ex woman).
    in mazuruni prison, your ass will be grass.

  3. Can’t wait for these motherfuckers to go out of power and end up behind bars. They only stealing and spending the people,s money on a bundle of shadowy projects, Ashni Singh so short I dont know how is ass will make out with all the buggering that he and his cronies will recieve in jail.

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