This is the real Umadevi Bux speaking Guyana

umadevi buxUmadevi responds to her critics who cant seem to get enough of ms.  devi

This is the real Umadevi Bux, someone told me about this post so i decided to check it out. All of you need prayers and a life. Do note, I was never fired from Guyana Times and the mere fact that you take time out to sit and write about me shows that you have idle time and to any intelligent person, by your remarks you are very bitter and have nothing good to do with your lives. You all, should invest your time wisely, not on me and perhaps look at yourselves, your lives and think about your own futures and children’s futures rather than mine and my life by further adding to scandals and rumors. Smh, May good bless you all 🙂 remember he sees and hears everything 🙂 I will not be looking at this post after this nor will I even care, so for the aimless individuals out there do consider your own actions and spend your time wisely on developing yourselves rather than focusing on me 🙂 Also, any sensible person would know I would never put videos of myself to be seem by the public. Oh my, you all really need some prayers in your lives.



15 thoughts on “This is the real Umadevi Bux speaking Guyana

  1. Is this person really a journalist or was she a printer at Guyana Times? Whether she was fired or not she clearly needs an English lesson.

    For example – rumoUrs…… May GOD …….. to be SEEN …… wheew and don’t get me started on her punctuation and sentence structure.

    • Gayana Times is owned by Antiman Nurse Barbie Jagdeo and Antiman Barat Rumroop ,this girl is a poor girl who got caught up between two big time ANTIMAN Babby and Bharat this girl was used and abused by these antimen then dumped, Sorry for her.

  2. She is cute. I hope she is clever enough to realize she can’t really write to save her life… But she can do well in porn, Perhaps…

  3. A Corrupted Cabal business,Disgusting Misrepresentation News Paper Publications is there to misleads the Masses at Large.Wonder she was not Serving Her Master’s to the Best of Satisfactions Ah Ah.Journalism is a Sensive / well Groom Profession,which she have not Undertakes & Qualifies.

  4. Shaft….You mean Guyana’s famous cock sucker Umadevi Bux will suck Chat 3 cock and have him bugga she in she ass. That gonna be her job in the govt.

    Miss Umadevi Bux (apparently some old Texila American University Queen) has put Guyana on the map in the porn industry, her pictures and sex videos are well circulated online and around Guyanese local and overseas “Guyana Bugga”

    Journalist????? Wow she can’t even write to save her life and definitely needs English lessons. No wonder Guyana Times fired her.
    She is excellent in porn, she should stick to the old porn thing in pleasing men through all she holes that she was blessed with.

    Anxiously awaiting for the new sex video, Miss porn maybe you can give us an update or link, my cock is available when you ready

    • Uma Bux used me when I was in high school, and when I was no longer useful to her, she never spoke back with me. She is such a manipulative woman.

      Lucky for me, I got connections with Jagdeo and Salim Azeez contacts, so if Uma wants to trick anyone in the PPP./C government, they will find out how she is a fucking whore.

      I have no anger towards Uma, but she shouldn’t be lying and behaving like a fake ass bitch. She fucked up my life and nearly caused me to get expelled from high school. She’s 25 now and her pussy don’t mean fuck to me.

  5. Uma still fucking Vito Guptar, the drug dealer, who owes half of Guyana money and that stupid bitch Chandini still with him too. What’s the next deal? , he buggering Uma and fucking Chandini….all whores(holes) covered.

  6. Guyana and Zeelugt Village near Parika Needs to know the TRUTH about the real Umadevi Bux who claims that she is innocent, decent?? and hard working citizen.

    The real cock sucking whore Miss Umadevi Bux and her family is fighting for a piece of land in Zeelugt Village to use as a street for their personal use to access their house, from a family who have their papers to show that they are the rightful and truthful owners of the stipulated land.
    Miss Uma Bux is saying BS, for your information the size of lot allocated to the specific family you are speaking about is 90ft by 72ft.

    Miss Uma Bux and her parents (like mother like daughter) have been signing petition by villagers but they weren’t mentioning to the villagers that the family have LEGAL papers for their land, the 13yrs ago story Uma Bux was speaking about is false (Below is whoring Uma Bux Statement of LiES), the family didn’t had papers as that time, now they have LEGAL DOCUMENTS to show and prove THEY are the rightful owners of the land Uma Bux is Stating as a RESERVED/STREET.

    The Family have been living on the land for the past 28yrs and also they were the ones that made a cow pasture turned into a Block of the Zeelugt Village.
    The complains which had been made to the Local NDC and RDC have nothing to do with friends and bribery as the Bux family is stating.

    The So Called Slang that Miss Umadevi Bux said the family is throwing at her is False!

    (Then again the entire village as well as Guyana knows about how whoring she is and all the sex videos and porn photographs on the internet are HERS)

    Whoever hears what others speak and says it’s them they are speaking about goes to the saying “WHO THE CAP FITS PULL THE STRING”

    Miss Umadevi Bux is surley guilty of the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zeelugt villagers don’t be fooled by Miss Umadevi Bux

  7. Miss Umadevi Bux Statement of LIES and false accusations on facebook.

    Uma Bux

    So my opposite neighbour claims that a plot of land which was declared as a community street for over 13 years ago, as their personal land. This Government/community street was pronounced by former Minister of Housing Henry B Jeffrey as Government reserve land for the purpose as a street for the citizens of Zeelugt. Now, years later this said family is claiming that the street is their personal land added to their already stipulated 50ft by 100ft land. Do noted that everybody in the village have that stipulated 50ft by 100ft land space, but these people want more and not only more BUT THE STREET which is used by people of Zeelugt. If their acquire this street it will give them 72ft by 100ft which is more than everyone else in the entire village. Complaints have been made to the local NDC and RDC, Guess what nothing was done. We have done a petition and citizens of Zeelugt have willingly signed it because we all want the street, however this family has FRIENDS again at the local NDC and was given go ahead by the NDC to fence the GOVERNMENT RESERVE LAND/STREET used by the young children in the village to move from the new scheme to the old one. So what now?

    I have never made any post like this yet, those of you know know me but this is beyond ridiculous and plain bribery at it’s best, any advice my activist friends???? Unlike this family, We do not want personal land WE WANT OUR STREET!!!!

    Do note that this family, in the past have caused tremendous problems and even terrorized a family headed by a young 20 year old sibling and got away with it because they had FRIENDS in the police force. Apparently, they felt it was OKAY to curse this young girl out because her mother died at a young age and had no one to stand up for her.

    The family is now throwing slangs at my family on the online cyber bullying, I went through for the past year and the things that happened. Can anybody get lower than that? Wow! Sighs* for a Street people can behave like that..SMDH#Ignorance

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