my last will and testament – johnny a. welshman


(This is my last will and testament)

I devise and give banquet of my whole Estate in the event of my death to the following.

My Unit Trust Corporation insurance which total to US. 20,000.00, I devise to the following to My mother Mrs Alisa Maria Collymore I leave Us. 10,000.00, To my brother Mark Welshman and Sisters Felicia Collymore and Tamisha Cummings I leave US. 1000.00 Each.

To my ex JP don’t want to mention name for security reasons I leave US.5000.00

And to Kerry Pantin I leave Us. 2000.00 to cover legal fees.

My personal belongings is to be divided between my brother and my Ex JP.

I leave my Cellular phone and personal emials information to my mother but she is to Surrender it to Kerry Pantin and associates on request.

I leave my Nikon 20 Megapixels digital Camara to my ex JP which Includes the memory card and case.

I leave all my Nursery Graduation Certificate and frame to my said Ex JP.

I leave my safe deposit to my mother Mrs Alisa Collymore.

Mom there is some other things upon searching fully through my belongings you will find fit to give to my ex Jp.

A. I was rape/molested,abuse by Mr. Raphael Trotman aka Uncle Raphael, Mr. Colin Wilson and Johnny Terry Welshman Sr.

B. I have never collected any some of moneys or was never promise any some of moneys by Hon Member of Parliament/Presidential adviser on Governance. Mrs Gail Texiara or Attorney-at-Law Jaya Manickchand anyone claiming otherwise are to provide the necessary financial statements.

C. I have never meet with (Hon) Attorney General Mr. Anil Nandalal or have I had any discussions or business with him.

D. I apologies to everyone that I have hurted or mistreated especially you Jase.
Mark hay bro.. We always use to fight but as we got older learned to appreciate each other, Love you.

Fee hay sis..We also use to fight younger lol.. I am sorry for that day when johnny Terry Welshman Sr assulted you that day in yarrowkabbra.
You have three adorable kids Namely your First born Brandon, Jada and Yourayan. Please promise me you will be a better mother and save and be the best you can be. I love you.

Tamisha I love you darling and don’t worry our father will reap what he sow..
Wish I could hug you.(you and my Ex Jase resembles me alllot you should meet him one day if he allows it and forgived me.

Mom I am sorry for all that I have ever done to you, I am sorry for ever hurting you in any way being Physically,Emotionally or Spiritually, I am sorry please forgive me. I love you mom l.

Jase (aka) Jp you loved me and cared for me so much and I took advantage of your love..Please forgive me.
I am sorry for all the lies I told you I am sorry for all the arguments etc.
I love you.

Kerry Melissa Pantin thanks for sharing all your wisdom and advise in life, I am proud of you over coming the last battle with you know who before I left..
I wish you the best in your Law Practice its been over 4 years since we are friends and I appreciate your friendship.

Tamara Sylvester..I appreciate your friendship also and do wish you the very best in your law practice.

In life we all go through something bad that scars us for life, Its how we deal with it that counts for me I created a fairy land that I would go when I am depress sadly that fairy land is no more and the pain is to unbearable..
I tried everything I tried Counseling, Visting the psychiatrist..I tried Cymbalta an anti depression..I tried Sleeping tablets etc and the pain remainded..I tried drinking buying friendship etc. I even confronted my abusers and they denied it etc.. expecting my father he can’t deny it cause his own family can testify to his behavior and there are criminal records of him.

To my aunt who helped me allot she know herself I love you so much..I have never hurted you in anyway if I did I am sorry.

To my aunt Mitchell and Cuz Robert and Romichelle Brumell thanks for being there for me in my lowest time Love you Guys.

Jase I had really hoped that we could have curved our difference etc..I wish you the best in your Masters and in your Doctrate in the future..I love you so much..

I do hope justice takes it course in the CCJ and I do hope that the DPP lay charges..

LGBT Alliance Trinidad I will miss you ..
I love you guys.

I leave Kerry Pantin Attorney-at-Law as my executrix.

This is my last will and testament made before our lord on the 19th November, 2014.

I wish to be cremated and my ashes to be scatter in Chaguramas and Maracas Jase knows where. LOVE YOU.

Signed; Johnny A Welshman

Love always especially Jase you ment allot to me.


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