Proclamation Proroguing Guyana’s Parliament

click here to read : proclamation proroguing guyana parliament


5 thoughts on “Proclamation Proroguing Guyana’s Parliament

  1. It appears that the APNU and AFC intentions are not to DEBATE in parliament, but to FREEZE the legitimate PPP government. Now that the PPP government has prorogued parliament, the same APNU and AFC don’t want to sit at the table and discuss whatever they were plotting to discuss in parliament.

    Their intentions was to freeze the government, then start to control the army and police. And ultimately overthrow the elected PPP. Their strategy backfire, now they are running to foreign places with their crocodile tears.

    People are not that stupid. PPP is the lesser of the three evils, APNU and AFC.

  2. The PPP Minority Dictators Bully Govt Large Spender’s, Shot Down the People Country,Disregards the Majoritie Oppositions.
    The PPP Thinks they Can Win another Election!!!,The are Going to be very Much Surprise how Ignorant they will be Defeated.
    They Thief Large / Plenty ,it is within the Rat Race Cronies to Compete ,who can get Rich Quickly over The Other’s.

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